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There is a large selection of different articles and literature about Eisenberg:

Cassette / CD of RKPV (Lawn Cross Association) on the Lawn Cross told by Mother Lex

Mother Lex often told the pilgrims about the Lawn Cross, her illness and healing and how the Lawn Cross originated. In addition, she told of her apparitions and about the messages she received, as well as the miracles and conversions. She spoke in a hasty and simple way and as she experienced everything that happened. This cassette is only to be had in German.
EUR 6,70 or CHF 10,00, plus postal expenses

VHS-movie / DVD on “Holy Cross of Eisenberg - The History of the Lawn Cross”

This movie shows Aloisia Lex in their early 80ties. It is the only movie about Eisenberg.

EUR 15,00 or CHF 23,00, plus postal expenses

Leaflets of the RKPV (Lawn Cross Association), along with text of the Cassette recording in German told by Mother Lex
EUR 2,00 or CHF 3,00, plus postal expenses

Leaflet on “Holy Cross of Eisenberg - The History of the Lawn Cross “
This new handy pocket-sized leaflet reports in detail on God’s intervention in Eisenberg. The reader gets an insight of the main message of Eisenberg and of the many messages received from Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary. The leaflet also describes the life of the victim soul, Aloisia Lex. Impressive pictures round off this small report. Together with this little helpful historical booklet there is also another little booklet attached to it, which comprise beautiful devotions, prayers and songs to venerate the cross, really a beautiful pilgrimage booklet!
EUR 5,00 or CHF 7,50, plus postal expenses

Book in German: “Eisenberg 1956-1983 “Der Kampf um das Erlösungszeichen” (The battle about the Redemption Sign” – the Holy Cross
This book comprises most messages from Christ and His Blessed Mother received by Mother Lex in Eisenberg. The events which have happened in this sanctuary of grace have been authentically illustrated, starting from 1954. As well, one can read about the impressive story of Mother Lex’s life. The messages were collected and printed in chronological order. Impressive pictures make this book a valuable treasure.
EUR 10,00 or CHF 15,00, plus postal expenses

Book in German: “Licht über Eisenberg” (Light over Eisenberg) by the late Reverend Father Wagner
In this book the late Rev. Fr. Hermann Wagner reports on discussions he had with Aloisia Lex. He explains in detail the origin of the Holy Lawn Cross and the messages of Eisenberg in an understandable way. This book is also suitable to deepen one’s faith.
EUR 10,00 or CHF 15,00, plus postal expenses

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