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Aloisia Lex (Mother Lex)

Aloisia Lex, a farmer’s daughter nee Klettner of Eisenberg, was born on 19th June 1907 in Eisenberg.

Mother Lex experienced many visions, signs and revelations from Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mother of God right up to the time when she went to her eternal home. She wrote down the messages she received and passed them on in obedience to the bishop.

Basic data from the life of Mother Lex

19th June 1907
Birth of Aloisia Klettner
21st June 1907
Baptism on the feast of St. Aloisius Gonzaga
Aloisia Klettner married Karl Lex
1945 - 1955
Difficult time when the Russians and the Partisans occupied the area. Aloisia Lex had to flee with her family into the immediate forest. The Russians besieged their house for a short time. A lot of poverty prevailed in the area.
Due to a difficult house birth, followed by a complicated operation, Aloisia became very weak and sickly.
Because of her illness she became unconscious and was close to death, Aloisia experienced her first apparition of Christ. Our Savour carrying His cross and with the crown of thorns on His head spoke to Aloisia: “You must help Me to carry My cross.”
1946 - 1956
Aloisia became seriously ill and had to lie in bed most of the time.
8th September 1954
The Virgin Mary appeared to Mother Lex’s youngest daughter in the afternoon at the same place in the garden, where two years later the Lawn Cross became visible in the ground.
13th October 1955 (Fatima day)
Aloisia saw the silhouette of a woman surrounded by light in the orchard.
6th September 1956
Mother Lex fell deeply unconscious in the early morning and had a second apparition of Christ and was healed after ten years of illness.
6th September 1956
In the afternoon a powerful angel of God imprinted the lawn in the garden of the Lex family with the mark of the holy cross. Aloisia saw the Lawn Cross for the first time.
14th September 1956
On the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, the mysterious Lawn Cross became perfectly pronounced and clearly visible. The dry grass in the form of a cross detached itself away from the soil.
Aloisia Lex was able to pull the grass off from the ground with her hand without having to force it in order to separate. The dried grass felt like angel’s hair. The soil of the whole cross surface was smooth, despite the dryness of the ground at the time.
October 1956 - Bloody Hungarian Rebellion
As a result of the happening one month previously, when Heaven imprinted its mark in the soil, the Holy Lawn Cross, not far from the Communist border, met up with great opposition. It nevertheless held the Russians back from a renewed invasion into Austria. A national event for free Austria!
13th May 1958

The Immaculate Virgin of Lourdes appeared at the Lawn Cross in Eisenberg. One hundred years previously, in the year 1858, the Mother of God appeared for the first time in Lourdes.
1956 - 1964
Aloisia was being prepared for the prophetic mission of Jesus and Mary. She received many inner locutions from Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary.
1964 during Holy Week /Passion Week
Our Lord allowed Aloisia to participate in His cruel passion. She was shown in a vast vision the way of Christ’s cross. She endured thereby a terrible fear of death and had a lot of pain. By experiencing the passion of Christ Mother Lex received the strength and the courage to pass on to the church and to the people of God without fear the great revelations and messages which were about to unfold during the Passion Week of 1964.

November 1964
St. Martin of Tours and patron saint of the parish of St. Martin on the Raab and of Burgenland appeared to Mother Lex at the Lawn Cross. His holiness, standing in his bishop’s clothing, with a crucifix in his hand gave his blessing facing toward the Eastern countries (communist countries).
19th March 1968
Mother Lex, together with many hundred other pilgrims, experienced the first miraculous miracle of the sun in Eisenberg. Many pilgrims have testified to this by writing in the guestbook.
23rd September 1968
Padre Pio appeared to Mother Lex in Eisenberg on the day of his death and spoke to her. He consoled and strengthened her. Since 1976 the first carved life-sized Padre Pio statue stands in the chapel in Eisenberg. Mother Lex held many conversations with this statue.

28th December 1984 - Death of Mother Lex
Last words of Mother Lex: “Will we live to see the year 1985? – It will not bring anything good! - Civil wars will come and Christians will be persecuted.… the few good will remain!”
After these prophetic words on 28th December 1984 the visionary, Mother Aloisia Lex sank back in her wheelchair which she had to use after her leg amputation, took two deep breaths and then her heart stood still. She spoke these last words around 10 o’clock in the morning to her oldest son, Karl. She spoke in a strong, clear voice, before she, hastily and unexpectedly departed from her family on the feast of the Holy Innocents.
Mother Lex said some months previous to her death that she had to die seven times. It actually is true that she did lay dying often. “I have already looked forward to meeting Jesus and now I must start from the beginning again with my suffering. Let it be as God wills.” In October 1984 it was already the sixth time and she said at that time: “Before the year comes to an end, you will have sadness in your midst.” She knew however that she would not reawake the seventh time. “One must be prepared!” were the words said by Mother Lex over and over again. Indeed she was prepared.
On the morning of 31st December 1984, on the day of her funeral, the sun rose up over the eastern snow clouds and began to dance immediately visible for all to see. A host-like wafer shielded the piercing rays of

the sun. This wafer formed multi-coloured aureolas around the sun. Furthermore, marvelous forms and colours followed. On the snow-covered Lawn Cross the sun sent down a strong ray towards the cross, which aimed straight like a pointing finger of light, pointing and withdrawing towards the cross in the soil over and over again. Two months later also her husband, Karl followed her and departed from this life.

Mother Lex was a patient sufferer, a victim soul. Genuine atonement means accepting one’s cross patiently, which Our Lord sends us. In this way Mother Lex became a great example to us. Let us call on Mother Aloisia Lex as an intecessor in Heaven.

Words of the late Mother Lex: ”Once I am dead I can do much more for you, provided then that you still ask me and do not forget.