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30 years ago: On the death of the late Mother Lex (28th December 1984)

Exactly 30 years ago Mrs Aloisia Lex died in Eisenberg. Hans Mueller, President of the Lawn Cross Pilgrim Association (RKPV), Andwil (Switzerland), remembers her death very well and relates as follows: ”It was on 27th December 1984, on the first evening after our bus journey to Eisenberg. A lady on our pilgerimage who returned back to the pilgrim guesthouse pleaded with me that I should go to Mother Lex immediately. Since I had driven through the whole night, I said that I would go to her the following day. A half an hour later Karl Lex, her husband insistently asked me on the telephone to come as she wanted to speak to me urgently. However, I went finally against my will. When I arrived there Mother Lex surprised me because her face was so radiant. While I was there she told me of the previous days and asked about the priest who was with us on pilgrimage. She replied that Rev. Fr. Rudolf was quite okay! Then as Mother Lex began talking about her family, more


Review: 50th Anniversary of the Holy Lawn-Cross in Eisenberg (1956 - 2006)

50 years ago, on the 6th September 1956, a powerful angel of God engraved a sign in the form of the holy cross in the soil of the garden of the Lex family in Eisenberg on the River Raab (district of Jennersdorf/Burgenland, Austria). In connection with this cross in the soil many prayers have been answered, as well as numerous signs have been given. Aloisia Lex (1907 – 1984), a farmer’s wife or better known as Mother Lex received many messages from Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary. These messages were concerned with the confusion in the church and the threatened world situation associated with it. On the 14th September 1956, the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, the mysterious cross in the ground became perfectly pronounced. On account of this event Mother Lex asked Our Lord Jesus Christ for an explanation and received the following inner locution: „God descended once again upon earth through the cross in the ground to offer His love and mercy to more